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Our goal is to provide a seamless transaction for our customers.

By logging in to our Customer Web Portal, the tools are at your fingertips to access a complete shipment history with all the information you need.

Our Team

 Freightwatch prides itself on customer service and relationship building.  Performing and communicating the way we say we will is key to building trust. One promise - you will always receive updates, good or bad. Our job is to communicate clearly to keep everyone on the same page. When issues arise, we will communicate in a timely manner to provide all options in order to find the best solution. Anyone will look good when things are going well, but it's how the situation is handled during a time of crisis that sets Freightwatch apart.


We simplify logistics by providing individual attention to meet our client's transportation needs. There is nothing more satisfying than meeting and exceeding expectations for a customer partner.

Jon Kastran

Jon Kastran


Grayson Pittman

Grayson Pittman


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